Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

A small personal word

Aviateur en 1940

My father was born in 1914 in La Chaldette, a little village on the Aubrac.

He then lived in Badaroux, near Mende. Unfortunately life moved him away from his country.

As a child, I spent all my holidays in Aumont Aubrac where the Beast also caused havoc.

My father often described us the story of the Beast of Gevaudan and I remember I was trembling in fear.

During the evening walk, it was easy for a child's imagination to wander and see the beast lurking in the thickets, ready to jump at our throats...

la bestia !!

La Bête du Gévaudan
Brevet militaire
Brevet de controleur d'aérodrome

He traveled a lot in his life. He loved aviation and was committed in the army in order to fly. Unfortunately, the war came and the conditions were not the best to satisfy his passion.

He has « won » several patents, and the cross of war.

He died in December 2001, and I dedicate this site to this man, my father.

A dedication to my father made by the author of the book

“My flight around the world” of Louis Castex, in 1944.

Dédicace de Louis Castex en 1944

Some of the planes he flew on.

Avions des années 1940
Avions des années 1940
Avions des années 1940
Avions des années 1940
Avions des années 1940
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