Abel Chevalley
The Beast of Gevaudan

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Two hundred years after her disappearance, the Beast of Gévaudan still haunts all memories.

It remains an enigma; the most famous amongst the ones pertaining to chronicle and biology at the same time. Some want to believe that the Beast was only a collective name attributed to many large wolves, others think that it was indeed a monstrous animal.

No skeptic however can deny the mutilated bodies of young girls and boys who each month, each week - at certain moments each day - scattered for three years the Heights of La Margueride.

Some details are reminiscent of Jack The Ripper at work, or of a sadistic man like the criminal of Dusseldorf. It is not forbidden to imagine one or more human monsters who could have seized the occasion to hide their mad ferocity behind a savage beast. It is not forbidden ..

To these questions raised by an uncommon drama, Abel Chevalley tries to give an answer. His investigation presented like a chronicle of this era had the fascination of a novel while keeping the rigor of an historic study.

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