Guy Crouzet
'Bêtes en Gévaudan' (Beasts in Gevaudan)

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In 'La Grande Peur du Gévaudan', the author's fourth book about the Beast, Crouzet addressed the problem of whether something other than wolves could also have been involved in the attacks. The dozen or so pages he devoted to considering that question left him feeling that more investigation was required, and that is essentially the rationale behind the present work.

There is also the matter of the roles played by Antoine, Louis XV's personal arquebus-bearer, the Chastel family, the Count of Morangiès, and by Choiseul, the Bishop of Mende. Ten or so other issues, rarely tackled because of their sensitivity, are also addressed, with supporting documentary evidence.

The author does not claim that his is the final word on the subject; other historians will doubtless come up with yet more discoveries, but for the time being at least, the author brings us up to date with the results of many years of intensive research.

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