Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

The House of the Beast


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Exhibition open every day in July from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., in August and every weekend from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Discovery on foot of the land of the Beast in August.

A circuit accessible to all between Besseyre-Saint-Mary and Auvers which passes through the sogne d'Auvers, the exact place of the death of the Beast. Volunteers from the association "Au pays de la Bête du Gévaudan" evoke the history of the Beast throughout the course.

The complete walk totals approximately 16 km, with the possibility of carrying out half of the route, a broom wagon is provided as well as the transport of bags. A guided tour of the Auvers exhibition takes place as well as a screening of a documentary film followed by a debate at the end of the day.

No prior registration is necessary.

A contribution is requested for the costs of transporting the bags, visiting the exhibition and screening the film. Adults: €8, children (under 15): €4.

Informations: +33 (0)6 17 89 76 92

Contact :


5 rue des écoles

43350 Saint-Paulien - France

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Village of Auvers (Google maps)

La maison de la Bête à Auvers
La maison de la Bête à Auvers
La maison de la Bête à Auvers
Le village d'Auvers - La maison de la Bête
Le village d'Auvers - La maison de la Bête
La Sogne d'Auvers, lieu ou fut tuée la Bête du Gévaudan

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