Les chasseurs luttent contre la Bête du Gévaudan

The main characters

at the time of the Beast of Gevaudan

Jean-François-Charles de La Molette, comte de Morangiès
Gabriel Florent de Choiseul Beaupré
Jean-François-Charles de La Molette, comte de Morangiès

Louix XV King of France

Count of Morangiès

Gabriel-Florent of Choiseul-Beaupré

Marques of Apcher

Jean Chastel
Le combat de Jacques Portefaix
François Antoine de Beauterne

Jean Chastel

Jacques Portefaix

François Antoine of Beauterne

Mr. d'Enneval Jean-Charles-Marc-Antoine and his son Jean-François : Sent by the King to kill the Beast.

Mr. Duhamel (or Du Hamel) : Captain Major of Clermont.

Jean-Baptiste of Marin, Count de Moncan : Lieutenant general of the King's army.
Jean-Antoine Chastel : Son of Jean Chastel better known as Antoine. Born April 20, 1745 in Darnes. When the Beast made its first victims in 1764 beyond the forest of Mercoire, near Vivarais (Ardèche), this young man was 19 years old. Later, he became a farmer and married Catherine Charitat on January 28, 1778, at the age of 33. They had nine children. After the death of his wife, Jean-Antoine Chastel will remain on the family farm. He died in La Besseyre-Saint-Mary on May 30, 1823, at the age of 78. For a person who was allegedly castrated as a slave by pirates...

Clément Charles of L'Averdy : Finance controller.

Simon Charles Sébastien Bernard of Ballainvilliers : Intendant of Auvergne from 1757 to 1767.

Marie Joseph of Guignard of Saint Priest : Intendant of Languedoc.

Étienne Lafont : Representative of the diocese of Mende since 1749.

Georges Louis Leclerc, Count of Buffon : Curator of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, Member of the Institute.

Pierre of Tassy of Monluc : Sub-delegate of the intendant of Auvergne in the diocese of Saint-Flour. (born in Saint-Flour in 1721 and died in 1796)

Count Louis Phélypeaux of Saint-Florentin : Secretary of State of the King's Household. He was one of the privileged interlocutors of correspondence between the gentlemen of Gévaudan and the King's court.

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